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Why Should I Work with a Relationship Expert?

By September 28, 2018 November 30th, 2018 No Comments

What is A Relationship Expert?


A relationship expert is someone who understands how people operate, think, feel, relate and behave within the context of the connection with themselves and others. It’s someone who helps people to break past the barriers that are preventing them from accessing their own essential, innate and authentic love.  A relationship expert has the techniques and tools to achieve their client’s desired outcomes in relationships.

I received my undergraduate degree  in psychology from Boston University and a masters in social work from New York University.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  I also have a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.


 4 Ways working with a relationship expert can change your life in more ways than you can imagine:


  1. Gain understanding of why people have difficulty in relationships.

People have difficulty in relationships because they are still living in the past.  If they had a bad relationship in the past, they come to the current one assuming that their current significant other is going to be exactly like the last one.  If they had insecurities in the past, they bring those insecurities into the next relationship, so in a lot of ways it’s doomed from the beginning because people aren’t showing up as their authentic selves; They are showing up guarded and fearful, and when you are guarded and fearful your heart isn’t open to receive love.  When people show up as themselves, their whole authentic self, no “bs” from the past, then they can be in the flow of the relationship and the relationship grows.  If you go into a relationship with unresolved issues (anything that disturbs your peace) from your past then you won’t be able to show up authentically because you are still living in the past…

Another reason is that people judge one another i.e. they want the other one to change; That’s one of the reasons relationships fail.  If two people are in love,  love each other unconditionally and TRULY accept each other for everything that they bring to the table then you have a recipe for a forever relationship. When you let go of judgements, you feel freer, lighter and more open.

Outside experiences (relationships) are a reflection of our inner reality. The person that we attract to have a romantic relationship with will reflect how we see ourselves… i.e. if you are feeling unworthy you will most likely attract someone else who in some way or another feels unworthy.

  1. Learn what types of people/couples would benefit from working with a relationship expert

Anyone who wants to take the time to work on themselves for the purpose of having a better relationship with themselves which means that they will attract their “person.”  For couples, working on themselves and the relationship ultimately means that their relationship improves 100%…. by going to a relationship expert, it’s impossible for your relationships to NOT get better.

  1. Relationship counselors use proven tools and methods to help people/couples navigate their relationships

I help people resolve their unresolved issues, change the stories that they’ve been telling themselves (ex. I’m not worthy) – I help people to break free from their past, to live in the present. I encourage my clients to be as vulnerable as possible and step out of their comfort zone because on the other side of their comfort zone is the rest of their amazing life… I help them get there and get what they deserve- everyone deserves love and it’s out there- not just any love… I’m talking about that forever, soul-connected, authentic love.

  1. What can somebody expect in terms of time, financial commitment for relationship coaching

It really depends on the client- some clients come in/Skype  for a few sessions and that’s all they need- it ranges- some choose to be more long term as a support system etc- some pop in sporadically when they need a tune-up- no one is perfect your personal growth and evolving is a process. I always commend my clients for coming in, in the first place because doing the work is truly a priceless gift that they give to themselves- enhancing your life for the better- what can beat that!? Financially, I take BCBS so if they have that it’s usually just about $25 per session on average. Otherwise my self-pay fee is $150.  If you utilize my online live chat feature it’s a dollar per minute.

When someone can make that shift in their life from fear to faith the rest of their path starts unfolding, bringing them exactly what is meant for them. Seeing a relationship expert or coach helps you examine your life and YOU on a deeper level; It helps you get to know yourself and love yourself unconditionally so that you are capable of attracting that unconditional romantic love that you want and deserve. I help people become more intuitive which results in better choices for themselves because they are honoring what works for them and not anyone else.  People feel more confident, whole, joyful and full of love after taking the time to work on themselves and not only does their love life change but all of the relationships in their lives improve drastically.

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