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The Relationship Expert

Jaime Bronstein is a seasoned and dedicated psychotherapist who has been practicing for 18 years. She achieved a BA in Psychology from Boston University and a Masters of Social Work from New York University. Following the completion of her post-graduate work, Jaime went on to become a licensed Clinical Social Worker.She also has a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Her therapeutic work integrates both a cognitive behavioral, humanistic and spiritual approach determined by the specific needs of her clients.
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Singles / Daters

Services Include:
Personalized Counseling
Dating Coaching
Dating Profile Renovation

Couples / Married

Services Include:
Couples Therapy
Pre-marriage Prep
Marriage Counseling


Services Include:
Contemplating Breakup/Divorce
Post Divorce Counseling
Divorce and Family Counseling


Services Include:
Relationship Guidance For Tired Parents
Overwhelmed Parenting Strategies
Parent Counseling

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