Breakups / Divorce

Do you find yourself feeling like “how will I ever feel better and go on with my life?” Are you overwhelmed with sadness and feel like your life is in turmoil? The good news is that things WILL get better and your life will be at peace again and you will find love again… and even better, you not only will find love again, but it will also be the RIGHT love for you. Sometimes you have to go through things in life even negative things to be able to get to where you are supposed to be. Sometimes you need to be with the wrong person in order to find the right one. Life is all about learning, growing, and thriving. 

-I will help guide you as you recover from your breakup.

– I will help you re-build the “YOU” that feel you have lost over time

-I will help empower you to be the best version of yourself possible in order to bring in the love that is RIGHT for you.

– I will help you build up your confidence again and feel strong enough to get back out there.

Life happens “for” us, not “to” us and everything in life is an opportunity for growth and upliftment. When people decide to get a divorce, I truly believe that it for the highest good of all concerned and both parties will end up being happy in the end when they find the person that is right for them!  Depending on how you look at things, a breakup can mean the beginning of something brand new- it’s all about your perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change! 

A few things to do as you navigate the uncharted waters of a breakup or divorce: 


I am here to support you as you get it all out; all of the chaos in your mind! Let me be a sounding board, a mirror for you to reflect and help you see things for what they are. Speaking out loud all of the muck insides also helps to let it go; to release it and that in itself is incredibly healing. Make sure that you vent about how you are feeling. It’s not healthy to keep your feelings inside. 

Your feelings are messages to yourself about your truth; they show you what’s really going on inside so make sure that you allow yourself to feel your feelings and most importantly, don’t judge yourself for feeling what you’re feeling. Be gentle and kind to yourself. You and your (almost) ex are both doing and have always done the best you can.

2. Take Time to Grieve:

There is no set amount of time to take to grieve the relationship. Everyone is different, so be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to navigate your journey to healing however you feel is the best way for you. 

3. Before Moving on to Someone New, Take the Time to do the Inner Work Needed:

I help my clients to really take a look at their life, and how they are operating. We look at any unresolved issues that need healing that they don’t want in the way of manifesting the right person for them when they are ready to move on.

I help my clients to get clear on who they are, and what they want out of a relationship so that when they’re ready to date again, they will be able to bring in a more aligned person than their ex was for them. It’s all about alignment: we all have the power to manifest the right person for us, but we must show up in life as our authentic self and love ourselves unconditionally in order to manifest the RIGHT person who will love us unconditionally as well. 

What I offer:

  • A safe, private, and unbiased sounding board during your sessions
  • Insight into how you can find peace and balance in your life during a tumultuous process like divorce. 
  • I can help you set intentions for the process to be as peaceful, easy, and “flowy” as you would like it to be and manifest just that in order to avoid unnecessary heartache
  • Getting you to a place where you are comfortable with your new status; empowering you as you remember who you are and what you have to offer. 

Contemplating a Breakup / Divorce

Moving Forward After A Breakup / Divorce

Contemplating a Breakup / Divorce

Do you feel overwhelmed with constant thoughts about doubting your relationship? Do you worry about if you would be making the right decision or not? Let me help you ease the chaos in your mind by being a sounding board so you can discover every aspect of why you are feeling the way you are, and then what to do about it! If you’re constantly doubting your relationship, it’s time to do something about it. Of course, it’s hard to know whether you’re making the right decision when it comes to breaking up with your partner, but that’s where I come in. Trust me to help you find the confidence to make a positive decision, whatever that means for you.

…. are there things about your relationship that you feel will never change and in turn you will never be happy or are there things that can change and there is a possibility of feeling happy in the future…. sooo many aspects come into play and every person and every relationship is different. After working with Jaime, you will feel 100% sure about whatever decision you come to, knowing that you have taken the journey to fully look at all aspects and come up with the outcome that is the right decision for YOU. You are the expert of YOU. Life is short and time is precious. Don’t spend one more second in agony over “I don’t know what to do!” Not only will you know what to do, you will come out stronger and more empowered to move on or continue the relationship.

Moving Forward After A Breakup / Divorce

You’ve talked to your friends, leaned on your family, and even the Starbucks guy knows about your breakup. If everyone in your squad has been as supportive as possible but you’re still feeling unsettled, it’s time for us to talk. The loss of a relationship can be painful, stressful, and downright depressing. Let me help you build yourself back up again and find your happiness, confidence, and strength to get you back out there. You WILL be happy again and you deserve a fresh start!

I will help guide you as you recover from your breakup. I will help you re-build the “YOU” that you perhaps have lost over time and will help empower you to be the best version of yourself possible in order to bring in the love that is right for you and whatever is to come your way. I will help you build up your confidence again and feel strong, empowered, and excited about life. I will help you shine your light again. Your light never went away, it perhaps was dimmed, but it has always been there and it’s time for you to step fully into your light and show a potential mate who you are. You will learn how to love yourself unconditionally so that you can manifest your “person” who will love you unconditionally as well. There is such peace and happiness just waiting for you. Your love is out there, and believe it or not, is healing and looking for you at this very moment. Do the inner work needed to heal so that you are ready to move on and get what you deserve.

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