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Dating is fun, right? No, seriously! Dating can be so much fun, as long as you go in prepared. What do I mean by that? If you’re going on too many first dates and not enough second ones, you might need a bit of coaching, and you’re in luck, because I’m an expert. I’m going to arm you with tips, tricks and decades of experience and education that will help turn your single days and nights into a long-lasting, successful relationship with the person who is right for you!

Have you been frustrated with how your dating life has been going? Do you feel like you are ready for a relationship but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you? Are you done with being single and want to find “The One? I would love to help you pinpoint problem areas and fix them insuring relationship success for you. Sometimes it just takes the slightest bit of adjusting and making changes for you to see an immense shift and an abundance of love brought to you. I will help you to figure out what needs to be done in order to have a successful and long-lasting strong relationship. Everyone deserves love! You can and WILL get the love that you deserve. Once you believe that you deserve love and believe in yourself you will be on your way.


To manifest that RIGHT person for you, you need to heal your past, forgive yourself and anyone else who caused you upset, unconditionally love yourself (which means NO MATTER WHAT), and show up authentically in this world… and on your dates!

When you walk around the world as your authentic self, then you can actually show up as you, so that the love of your life can come forward.

Manifesting love can be easy if you have the willingness, and your heart is open to the process. The life-changing experience of bringing in the one who is meant for you can’t NOT happen by doing this work, as it’s GOING to happen, and it will be above and beyond what you could’ve imagined if you stay open to it; that’s how the universe works. Being open means that your heart is open no matter what happened in the past that closed it. Your walls slowly come down and your heart gets patched back up and is once again at peace.
In our sessions, I will work with you and help empower you to start to do the following to manifest your match:





– Tap into your intuition

YOU are worthy of love; it’s your birthright to have the love that you deserve and desire. If you truly do respect and love yourself, then you will do what you can to maximize the opportunity to meet the right one for you.

If you have fear, rest assured that through this process, you will learn how to turn your fear into faith… to go from fear to love!

What is meant for you will arrive in divine timing. Trust the process, my loves!

Personalized Counseling

Dating Coaching

Dating Profile Renovation

Personalized Counseling

No two people are exactly the same. If we all walked the same walk and talked the same talk, life would get totally boring. We all have varying degrees of needs and desires, that is why I believe that there is no cookie cutter way to help everyone; so that’s why I tailor my therapeutic strategies for each individual client. When it comes to ensuring the best possible outcome for finding love or holding onto it, there are so many ways to achieve success. I’m going to pick the best one that works for YOU to help you reach your ultimate goal of finding the right love, the love that you deserve.

Date Coaching

Finding that Mr/Mrs Right who has similar needs, desires, life goals—the list goes on— can be challenging in a sea of Mr/Mrs Maybe’s and Definitely-Not-For-Me’s. Couple that with dating anxiety or a touch of insecurity, and you might be ready to call the whole dating thing off completely. DON’T! I’m here to tell you that dating doesn’t have to be scary, and can even be unbelievably fun! Yeah, I said it! I know, I sound really optimistic, but believe me, together, we can overcome personal doubts, dating agony and anxiety to make you a believer. How? Glad you asked.

How I Can Help:

  • Schedule an initial in-person or online /phone session appointment to assess your dating history and follow-up sessions to support your needs.
  • Let me share with you my pointers on dating and how to show your date your best “YOU!” AKA, how to sell yourself (in the GOOD way)
  • Schedule a session prior to an important date to work out any pre-date concerns, strategies, and get your excited for a successful experience!

Dating Profile Renovation

Just about to give up on online dating? If you’re sick and tired of not meeting the right one in cyberspace, you might want to think about what you’re putting out there into the e-universe when it comes to your profile. Don’t forget, when it comes to online dating, your first impression is your profile, not the date itself, so stop meeting the wrong people for you. Instead, arm yourself with a profile that highlights the best of who you are. Let me help you create a profile that does your awesomeness justice. Your future love-of-your-life is online right now.

How I Can Help:

  • Schedule a session (In-person, Video Conference or Phone) to discuss all of the important “dating” aspects of your personality that will enable me to create a compelling profile to attract the person you have been looking for. We will also go over what kind of photos you will need to perfectly portray your authentic self!
  • A one-time fee of $250 includes your personal assessment session and two dating site profile renovation drafts. Additional sessions and/or dating site drafts may incur additional charges.

In-Person, Phone or Video Conferencing Session: 1 Hour

$ 200

per hour

In-Person, Phone or Video Conferencing Session: 45-Minutes

$ 150

45- minutes

In-Person, Phone or Video Conferencing Session: 30-Minutes

$ 100

Per Half-Hour
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