For years I found myself forcing myself into relationships. Searching for all the wrong ways to find my own perfect kind of love and disregarding red flags, ignoring my unhappiness and settling. Subconsciously I knew I was missing something. I knew I was stuck, especially when it came to dating. At the time I was having relationships problems & decided to get a life coach/ therapist to see if it could help with my issues, so I started working with Jaime.

From the start I was very comfortable with her. That’s when my outlook on a lot of things started to change. She introduced me to so many new ways for me to find the happiness; not only that I wanted but the happiness I deserved. She taught me many ways on how to concentrate on loving myself. Putting more focus on myself rather than focusing on the things I wanted because she taught me that the universe brings to us what we need not necessarily what we want.

Letting things happen naturally instead of my old way of trying to force things to happen, was key for me. And with all of these great things, working with Jaime has taught me how to be my most authentic self. I was able to learn so much more about why I did the things I did and how not to make the same mistakes. Now whenever I tell friends and family about Jaime, I tell them how she is the “X factor” in my life. She’s the one thing I was missing. Jaime always reminds me to trust the universe and that will forever stick with me because it has helped me tremendously and I know it will continue to. Working with Jaime has changed my life for the better and I’ll never go back to living the way I did pre-jaime.

JimmyChicago, IL

Jaime helped me tap into my intuition. She helped me to really get in touch with what makes me happy. Gone are the days when I would make myself crazy over what do or or what not to do throughout my dating journey. I am so connected to my heart and soul now and I feel like I flow through life so much easier now.

GwenNew York, NY

Jaime helped me to understand the importance of being present. She taught me that if I were living in the past, or the future that none of that is real. Right here and now is what matters, and that concept helped me make such a radical shift in my life to the point where I don't even remember who I was before. I love myself now and I show up in life and in love with so much more confidence in myself.

LaurenChicago, IL

Jaime helped me to open my heart again. I had been hurt over and over in the past and was feeling like love just wasn't in the cards for me, but Jaime helped me to realize that I had the power to change my story and change the negative things I had been telling myself. My life completely changed for the better after working with Jaime. I'm married to my prince and my single days are just a little memory from my past.

BrookeSan Diego, CA

I went into see Jaime after a bad breakup. I swear I was done with relationships. She helped me get to the root of what was blocking me from having a successful relationship and I feel a lot stronger and wiser after working with Jaime. I feel more together and I know that I have a lot to offer the girls that I date now. My confidence is back and I believe in myself 100%.

DanielChicago, IL

Jaime said that once I believed that I could manifest love, it would happen and after the work that we did together to peel away the layers that were preventing me from manifesting, I gained strength and I started to believe that I could do it. I'm so happy to report that I did it! I found the man of my dreams... and he happened to be right down the street from me the whole time.

MadisonDallas, TX

I was feeling very distraught before going to see Jaime. I felt like my love life was a disaster- nothing was working out for me. Jaime helped me have a whole new perspective on love and life in general. She helped me to see things in a more positive light and it made all the difference.

KellyFort Lauderdale, FL

Before I met Jaime, my life was falling apart. I was at my lowest point. I had lost myself in the trenches of my daily life and the unfortunate life circumstances that had come my way. Jaime opened my eyes and helped me feel hopeful again. She helped me get back on the road to accomplishing all of my life and relationship goals. I feel like I had almost given up and she helped restore a belief that things would get better.... and they did. I can't thank Jaime enough for helping get my life back.

RachelNew York

There are no words to describe how Jaime has helped me. I was seriously in a bad place- I felt really depressed and down on myself. My confidence was at an all-time low as I had just been dumped by the man who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. She encouraged me to get out of bed in the morning and to face the day with courage and strength and hope in my heart. Jaime helped me see that everything is meant to be and that going through that horrible time in my life happened for a reason, namely to make me stronger and she helped me look inside to get to know myself better so that I would be ready for when the right guy came along..... I continue to use Jaime's tools and tactics as I've been dating now quite successfully I must say : ) I check in with Jaime once in a while for brush-ups and reminders to stay on track and she is always there for me when I need her. She is a life-saver, a major inspiration and I don't know where I would be without her in my life.

AlisonLos Angeles

After contacting Jaime about my life as a busy mom, my outlook on life completely changed. Jaime showed me how to take control of my overwhelming day-to-day life by giving me the tools to become a calm and realistic goal-oriented individual. I was hesitant at first about opening up and being soo vulnerable to someone I had never met, however Jaime’s loving and caring demeanor was impressionable with her immediate response to any of my concerns. I am so thankful I trusted my “gut” and took a chance because I am in such an amazing place now. My life has forever been changed for the better and I cannot thank her enough for that!


Jaime changed my life. She showed me how to make my dating profile come alive so it reads like the real person that I am. She pointed out things that were working against me that I had no idea about. She helped me pick a variety of photos that capture all parts of my life and present me in the best way. And I've finally started to get responses as well as unsolicited traffic to my page. And while shocking for me to admit: dating now is actually fun.


Jaime is a lifesaver! Her counseling and care saved me and my marriage.


Jaime helped me get over my extreme anxiety about dating. She helped build up my confidence to the point where I actually look forward to going on dates and I've been pretty successful as I can now say that am in a happy relationship with an amazing man.


My wife suggested we start talking to a therapist, but we could never coordinate time with our busy schedules. Thankfully, Jaime came highly recommended and provided us with her LIVE CHAT option. I can't express enough how much this service saved us. She saved us. We are so grateful for her insight and help!

BarryLas Vegas