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Oh, last year was a year! What do you really want out of this fresh new year and out of life for that matter?

Last year validated and highlighted over and over again, the fragility of life. 2020 showed us that we really are all one; not one race, gender, or socioeconomic status was untouched by the pandemic. Knowing that we are all one, how can you make this year ahead more conscious – can you muster up all of the compassion you have inside and exude it each and every day?

2020 was humbling to all.

It taught us and inspired us to live in the moment more and take more risks. The old adage “life is short” has never meant more. As we saw people unnecessarily taken from us, it caused us to pause, to take a look at our lives and the fragility of every aspect of our time on earth. We now view our lives and the people in them with more preciousness and gratitude.

Last year caused us to look at our lives and relationships, to keep what is authentic and fulfilling, and end what does not serve our highest good. Living in our truth and our integrity has never felt better.

Last year made us more grateful for things we used to take for granted, like the freedom to go on a date actually INSIDE a restaurant, meet a friend for coffee, catch up with our colleagues around the water cooler, and to attend school … IN a school.

There will be a time in the future when this difficult time will seem like a distant memory. However, no matter how much time passes, I hope that you learned to appreciate these freedoms that the virus temporarily took away, and when you go on a date IN a restaurant or meet your friend for coffee at your favorite café, I hope that you remember to treasure that freedom even more, as life is about connections. It has been hard for some people to stay connected under the circumstances. Remember how lucky you are to have the freedom to be together physically – no masks, no fear of “catching it.”

I hope that this year has brought back some lost connections, missed connections, and even bruised connections, and I hope that relationships that had been pushed aside became stronger. I hope that the new connections you have made have been planted in joy and gratitude.

I am looking forward to the lifting and clearing of the collective fear and fear-filled energy that’s in the air. I believe that things will start to feel lighter and more “light-filled” as we progress into this new year.

Any previously weighted-down shoulders won’t feel as heavy, and that goes for hearts as well. The world’s heart has been heavy. I am hopeful that with this new year will come new hope, new beginnings, and new awareness for the collective evolvement, allowing people to return to being able to get back on track and focus on getting on with their lives.

What does getting back on track mean to you? Perhaps you’ve experienced a metamorphosis of some kind, and you feel called to start a new path. Let that inspiration lead the way. Don’t feel like you need to go back to the life you were living.

Live and love fiercely and fearlessly. If last year taught us anything, it taught us that LIFE. IS. FRAGILE! Therefore, we must take chances. Make this the year that you get out of your way and lead with your heart. With every beat, time goes on, and it’s another second that turns into history before you know it. Be intentional about your heartbeats and your moments. Don’t let time slip through your hands. Use those strong hands to reach out and get what you want. The past is in the past, and it brought us to where we are today, so we are grateful.

The future doesn’t exist either, so you must be present if you want to live intentionally and lead with your heart. Being present and living in the moment has never screamed out to us as much as it is screaming now.

The universe is pleading to us, “Don’t worry about the outcome…”

I am sending out an abundance of prayers to those who have lost loved ones. Their lives were blessings to so many people. Life can seem unfair. I encourage you to be gentle with yourselves and take the time needed to grieve and do it in your own way. Honor whatever comes up that is in service of your self-care and self-love.

I don’t believe that COVID “stopped” things. However, it may appear to many as being the case –  things will get done at the right time. Trust that it hasn’t been the right time yet. I do believe that this was a time and an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of who we are and what we truly want in this life.

In many ways, this past year was a blessing in terms of slowing down…. A LOT and reflecting. It has been a time to look at your life and see what is and is not working and fitting and not fitting. This year has been a time to get clear on where you want to go in life while cultivating gratefulness for the present moment and all of the blessings that come with being present.

The present is truly a gift. Each breath we take is truly a blessing. I know that we will forever be grateful for each moment and each breath and never take our lives and our loved ones’ lives for granted ever again.

I’m sending so much light and love!