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Manifesting love is not for the faint of heart; however, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as some people make it out to be. All you need is wiliness, clarity, and a great deal of courage and strength of heart. Oh, you also need openness, vulnerability, trust and self-love but you already know that.

I acknowledge you for your willingness to go out and get what you deserve, what you came to this earth for; it’s your birthright to find the right one for you and it WILL happen!

So here you are in the midst of your manifesting-love journey and all of a sudden you feel stuck. Not to worry my friends because this is only temporary. I suggest you take some time to do some introspective work and if you follow the following five tips, you will be all good to go and back on track.


# 1 Make a list of three non-negotiables to help you get clear on what you want to manifest

The universe doesn’t like chaos. If you have a list of 8,425 items of everything you are looking for in your “person,” it will be impossible to bring them all to you. Pick three non-negotiables. These are things that are deal-breakers. Everything else is the cherry on top. For instance, if you are looking for someone who has the same religion as you, likes to be adventurous and travel a lot, who is intelligent and intriguing, and you meet someone who has those three characteristics, AND you have major chemistry, then there’s a great chance that the two of you could have endless potential. If this person happens to have some additional characteristics that you would like in a partner, but they aren’t part of your three non-negotiables, then consider yourself extra blessed. Take the time to hone in and think about what matters to you. Tap into your inner consciousness and look at your morals and values. What makes you feel comfortable, at ease, and full of joy? Those are your non-negotiables.


# 2 Not being clear on what you’re looking for:

This is a significant block because, for the universe to serve up what you have ordered, you need to be clear on what you want to “order.”

Set the intention for what you ARE looking for, not what you’re NOT looking for:

In manifesting, you want to be positive. Since we know that the universe gives us what we focus on, you must be focused on what you do want, not what you don’t want, because if you are focused on what you don’t want, the universe will bring you just that because THAT’S what you’re focused on. For example, a client of mine dated a man she couldn’t trust, and he gave her very clear reasons not to trust him. He would flirt with other women in front of her, and sometimes he would disappear for days. Her self-esteem was at an all-time low. She came into her first session announcing that she wanted to manifest the right man for her; she was sick of dating the wrong men and would do everything to AVOID another man she couldn’t trust! You never want to use the word “avoid” when manifesting because that is exactly what you will manifest as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I informed her of this concept, and she was surprised and relieved. She understood from that day forward that she needed to focus on what she did want, which was a solid man she could trust- a man who had her back and a man she felt good around, she felt at home with, etc.

Once she had her a-ha moment and made this shift in her consciousness, it didn’t take long for her to manifest her man- an upstanding gentleman- chivalrous, treated her like a princess, respected her and made her feel safe physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


#3 Be in Trust-Mode vs. Fear-Mode

There are two things in life- there is love, and there is fear. The two cannot exist at the same time. I encourage you to be mindful and aware of where you are residing at all times. If you reside in fear mode, make a conscious effort to shift into faith (aka as love, aka trust) mode.

Humans are conditioned to be in fear mode, and it only holds them back from manifesting love. Realizing that the block to love does not come from the outside; instead, it comes from the inside can feel very empowering. You have the power to choose to reside in love and trust mode to bring in the person who is the most aligned with you; that person you will recognize and instantly feel at home; that’s your person. But you won’t be able to get there


#4 Leave the past in the past

This is a must when it comes to manifesting love! If you are hung up on a past love, it’s not possible to bring in the love that is waiting for you. Energetically you are still in the past, so even though you think you’re ready, you’re not until you make peace with your past relationships and lay them to rest in the past where they belong. You learned and grew from each experience, and hopefully, they all made you stronger and more connected with your knowledge of who you are (if you haven’t done this work, feel free to reach out to me because healing is crucial to manifesting love). My point is that you want to be fully open to love, and that means that you are free and willing to be vulnerable and open your heart when the time is right to meet your “person.”

#5 Comparison:

Do not compare yourself to others. Let me repeat, do not compare yourself to other people. Everyone has their own “right time.” Just because your best friend Jenna has been happily married with a kid on the way doesn’t mean that it’s your time. Your time will come, and the more that you compare yourself to “Jenna” or everyone who pops up on your Instagram feed, the worse you will feel about yourself, and your energy and vibration will be low, resulting in low self-esteem, which will never get you what you want, which is love. Trust that your time will come and do your best to stay in your own lane.


No matter what you do or what you say, or how many dates you go on, manifesting needs to start from within. Every tip I mentioned has to do with how you are feeling on the inside. Do everything in your power to practice self-care and be gentle and tender with yourself. Before you know it, all of your anguish and “suffering” will be just a minor blip in the past, and you will find yourself in the arms of your “forever” wondering why you spent so much time worrying about it not happening. Stay present, stay grounded and stay centered, and most importantly, stay in your self-loving. You got this!