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7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Thriving!

By April 7, 2019 May 7th, 2019 No Comments


We all want to have relationships that are built to last. Most people enter into relationships with the intention of it being a “forever” one.  Unfortunately, some couples aren’t aware of things that they are doing or not doing that can dim the light of love. Here are 7 ways to ensure that your relationship will thrive… not dive.

The 7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Thriving:


You should never tell someone to “Get over it” or “You shouldn’t feel that way.” We are all human and we are going to feel what we are going to feel. Try your best to understand each other, but even if you don’t understand, you can at least validate how your partner is feeling and honor that. No one likes to feel like their feelings are ignored by the person they love the most.


Make sure when you are in a conversation with your love, that you really hear what they are saying- don’t just nod your head. It’s obvious when you aren’t listening and doesn’t bode well for a happy relationship.


Whether your partner wants to become a pop star, professional basketball player, or win the Nobel Peace Prize, be supportive of their goals and their dreams. 

4. KISS!

It seems obvious that couples kiss… but, au contraire my friend. Many couples get so comfortable with each other that they feel more like roommates than romantic partners. It’s very important to kiss- it’s what keeps you intimate and it’s a way to show your love for one another. Kissing keeps you connected and bonded, and we all know what a really good kiss can lead too, so make sure that you are also having enough sex. You don’t need to go overboard but frequently enough that it keeps both partners happy and feeling loved and connected.


It’s very important to have new experiences together. It can be as simple as taking a different route on your walk, dining at a new restaurant or perhaps traveling to a tropical destination you’ve never been to. When we have new experiences together, our bond and connection gets stronger.


Vulnerability is incredibly important, and it’s underrated. We must be open to be our most authentic self with our partner if we want an honest and deeply connected relationship. Being vulnerable is how we get to truly know one another- completely open and raw is the way to go. If you’ve been in a closed-off relationship, I recommend that you take that vulnerability plunge. If you take the chance to open up, your partner will follow suit. Lead by example- works like a charm!


When you are in each other’s presence, put your phone down and direct your focus on each other.  Making your partner feel and know that they are the most important person to you. Other things and people can wait (unless of course it’s an emergency!) It shows that you value your time together and that you value your relationship.


A Final Note:

The suggestions above are a road map to long lasting love. They may seem easy to implement, but they can take practice and time to get just right.  Above all, remember this-couples that last put each other first.