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I was interviewed for a Glam.com article on “Dexting” which got me thinking about how common this phenomenon is! My clients do this frequently until they realize how detrimental it can be!

In an era where technology constantly reshapes our social landscape, the positive and negative aspects of digital communication become increasingly evident. There is a new trend known as “Dexting”—a blend of texting and dating, where individuals initiate and maintain relationships through digital means without meeting in person. While growing connections across screens, this phenomenon raises intriguing questions about the nature of modern relationships.

“Dexting” allows for developing emotional bonds as people explore the depths of their connections through apps, supplemented by calls and video chats. Nurturing a relationship before physical meetings is appealing, offering a foundation built on emotional and intellectual compatibility.

HOWEVER, the charm of “Dexting” comes with its caveats. Letting these digital-only interactions stretch beyond a month or so poses several challenges:

1. The Limitations of Digital Chemistry:True compatibility transcends digital interactions. The essence of a connection—its energy and chemistry—can only be fully assessed in person. While “Dexting” can reveal a lot about a potential partner, the face-to-face encounters truly test the bond’s strength and authenticity.

2. The Pitfalls of Prolonged “Dexting”: Extended periods of Dexting without meeting can lead to invested emotions in a connection that might lack physical chemistry. Discovering a lack of in-person compatibility after months of emotional investment can be disheartening.


3. Avoidance as a Red Flag: Consistently dodging opportunities to meet might indicate deeper issues. Whether it’s a sign of deceit, a hidden relationship, or an unwillingness to commit,  avoidance could undermine the very foundation of trust and transparency that’s crucial in a relationship.

My recommendation….meet as soon as possible!

Meeting each other early in the dating process serves multiple purposes. It accelerates the discovery of mutual chemistry and mitigates the risks of emotional investment in potentially incompatible connections. While not a cure-all for all dating mismatches, early meetings can foster healthier relationships or promptly clarify the absence of a romantic future.

While “Dexting” is an innovative way to connect in our digital age, navigating this trend with awareness is essential. Embrace the possibilities it offers for emotional connection, but also recognize the importance of transitioning from digital dialogues to real-world interactions. This balanced approach ensures that we’re not just falling for a digital persona, but connecting with a genuine person with whom we can share tangible, real-life moments. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Human connection is why we live as there’s no better feeling than to connect with someone, especially romantically!

Wishing you a life filled with real connections that enliven you and bring you joy!

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With Love,