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Great Communication = An Amazing Relationship

By April 27, 2016 November 30th, 2018 No Comments

Yes, of course we all know that men and women communicate in different ways. It’s in our DNA. Women are emotional, and men just want a “cure.” So, here is the solution. First of all, the most important thing in relationships is to “not sweat the small stuff,” and to add humor to any situation that seems like it is getting out of control; for example, sometimes women might act a little overboard when getting frustrated or irritated…. The best thing that a man can do is to say something like “I appreciate your excitement” instead of the man starting to get all upset and angry and “retaliate” while not listening to what is really bothering his woman. It’s important that the quote, “I appreciate your excitement” is discussed before the next blowup so that both people are aware that this is going to bring them down to a quieter level, and more importantly will cause both the man and the woman to relax and laugh appreciating the humor in the situation.

Now, to be fair, an example of a man getting to a place where a woman can’t understand his behavior and, the poor communication could possibly end up in an all-out yelling fest……here is the solution….if a man has misplaced something, they (at times) tend to get irrationally upset…. Now, using a mixture of rational communication and humor, the woman will bring up the fact that even though he can’t find the pair to his sock, the good news, is that she will go out tomorrow and buy him a new one… or let’s say it’s even more severe- the man can’t find his wallet… the woman can joke around and give the man some confidence and bring humor into the situation by saying, “it’s all good- you will cancel all your credit cards, so this means that I can’t shop and we can’t go for dinner unless I pay, which btw, I am more than happy to do!” (she said that with true sincerity- no joke!)

So then the man feels like the pressure is taken off of him and they can go on with their expected weekend, except they will be dining at McDonalds instead of the steak house that they were supposed to go.

I hope that what you get out of this message, is that when two people love each other, there NEEDS to be a sense of not taking things too seriously AND understanding how each gender 100% is geared to communicate in different ways. As long as the couple has passion, compassion, fun, an easy-going attitude, a sense of major connection, and most importantly LOVE, then as long as they can communicate in a non-confrontational way, they will succeed and have a life-long wonderful relationship filled with lots of laughter, love and peace : )