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Love Talk Live 02/11/2019 44:57

In this week’s episode, Jaime answers hew viewer’s relationship advice questions.

Love Talk Live 01/28/2019 45:21

Join Jaime and her guests, Karen Scott Ozeri,  and Courtney Palm will be discussing living in alignment, constantly creating the life you want to open space for the relationship you want and interviewing Courtney Palm about her book “Kissing Frogs”  and what she has learned about dating, and finding her forever love!

Love Talk Live 01/07/2019 48:02

Learn how hormones can affect our relationships and how to be efficient and successful using online dating apps.

Love Talk Live 12/17/2018 43:22

Topics include: Getting into the dating world after a breakup or divorce and The Top Dos and Don’ts of dating.

Love Talk Live 12/11/2018 47:24

Topics include: How our relationship with yourself directly affects our relationships with others and how women understand how and why men operate the way they do.

Love Talk Live 12/04/2018 47:29

Topics include: How to manifest love and if you already have love in your life, how to make your relationship better

Love Talk Live 11/13/2018 40:37

On this week’s episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime discussed the importance of unconditionally loving yourself in order to manifest “your person.”