Being a parent is an incredible experience but it’s not for the weak. It can be tough! Like training-for-the-Olympics-tough. Obviously, the apple of your eye is going to get the lion’s share of your attention, so how are you supposed to “nurture” your relationship and your partner with a little one hanging on you 24/7?

And what about you? Between kids’ schedules, meals, after-school activities, school volunteering, homework, and playdates, where do you fit in?

I can help you find the balance between the woman you want to be and the mom you want to be—that combo does exist! Trust me, it’s ok care about yourself while taking care of your family—you deserve to laugh and smile and love and be loved. I’m a mom too, so I get it. I can help you strike that balance where everyone is “feeling the love”…especially you!

How I Can Help:

- Teach you new ways of communicating so that both partners are heard and feel respected.
Minimize arguing due to exhaustion and stress.
- Find a balance between “family time”, “couple time” and “me time,” all which are equally important.
- Prioritize YOU! Let’s get to the bottom of what’s bringing you down and build you back up.
- Parenthood is the beginning of the next stage of your incredible existence, not the end of it!

How Parenting Can Affect Your Relationship

Having a child can take a toll on a couple. If you think pregnancy hormones are hard on a relationship, try feeling sexy after getting spit up on all day without a second to shower. Or maybe exhaustion is getting the best of you and your partner and it’s been weeks or even months since you’ve been intimate? Or you’re dealing with the financial issues that go hand-in-hand with parenting? Whatever is making you and your partner feel like you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, there are solutions, and together we can figure out how to make your relationship successful once again.

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