Intuitive Readings

Life can be hard; you’re not alone. I am here to support you as you go on your unique journey in life. Are you seeking answers to questions about your life that you haven’t been able to find a resolution to? Are you having trouble making decisions- which way to go, which road to take? Let me help to ease your anxiety and worries about your present and your future! I provide people with intuitive guidance that helps them to feel the freedom that they deserve.

I am an intuitive and psychic medium which means that I receive messages, images, and impressions from your spirit guides, angels, and your loved ones who have passed on. Your session can be structured in whatever way that feels the most honoring to you. If you have a loved one who is no longer with us and you would like to connect with them, I can do that for you. However, if you just want to focus on receiving messages and guidance from other un-seen aspects we can do that too!


My job is to be in service to your healing and help you achieve that using my gifts and my passion for helping people find peace and comfort in their lives.


-Provide you with relief
-Help you to get in touch with your own intuition
-Save you time and energy wasted on worrying about your present or future
-Help you leave the past in the past

Receiving a reading can change your life!

I look forward to working with you to heal your life, receive the answers and guidance you’re looking for and help you make that shift into the rest of your life that is waiting patiently for you. I will help you manifest that love, that career, or that life that you’ve been dreaming about!

To book a reading, email me:

Jaime is amazing. She knew things about my life I have never told anyone… I was feeling really uneasy about making the right decision. She helped validate that I was on the right path. I have been working with Jaime ever since and have become an overall more confident person. I definitely feel more validated and know that I am not alone as Jaime has connected with my loved ones who have passed on and I know for sure that they are with me, especially during those times when I need them the most.

TracyNew York, NY

The spiritual reading I received from Jaime was full of loving detailed information that made me feel deeply connected to my beloved grandmother on the other side. Less than 24 hours after my reading, I saw the first clear sign that Jaime described to me. She said my grandmother would use the symbol of a goose to show me that she’s with me and watching over me. The following day as I was driving, 4 geese flew in formation along side my car, and I felt my grandmother’s presence with me. My eyes filled with tears, and my heart felt so full of love. Let me be clear, I do not live in an area where geese are common. The last time I had seen a goose was months prior at a nature reserve where they hand landed to take respite. I was blown away, and so grateful for this experience. Jaime is a safe and loving presence who’s obviously passionate about using her gifts to help you heal and grow in life.

KellyLos Angeles, CA

I was shocked when Jaime knew my grandma’s name, “Rose.” While I have been in the process of some major life changes I have always turned to my grandma for signs and I instantly knew this was a good one! Jaime gave me messages from my grandmother that helped me so much with what I had been struggling with in my life. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and by hearing from my grandma, it reassured me that everything was going to be okay. I am so grateful that I found Jaime! She delivers her messages with such love and kindness and I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done to uplevel my life….especially my love life. Not only did she connect with my grandma, but other loved ones who have passed on as well and their guidance helped tremendously regarding decisions I needed to make, which helped so much. Jaime is an angel.

KateChicago, IL

I loved my session with Jaime! Her intuition is a real gift and everything she brought forward for me was so spot on. Not only did she predict that I was going to meet my boyfriend four months after the reading but she also knew his name which is NOT a common name at all, “Callum!” She really helped me to find greater clarity on what was going on in my life. Our session was deeply healing for me, and I felt so much lighter and brighter after working with her. It was a truly beautiful and transcendent experience.

LeslieNew Jersey

Strengthening my intuition is one of the most meaningful takeaways from working with Jaime. We got to a certain point where I felt in my soul it was time for an intuitive reading with Jaime - time to truly open up and receive direct guidance from the universe and reap whatever lessons and guidance it had for me in that moment.

My grandmother was a very meaningful person to me, and I hoped to receive some guidance from her. Jaime was able to tap into spirit and touch on fears and desires and goals I had mulled over for months and had not shared. My grandmother instantly came through to share her love and support of me from beyond. Jaime even channeled a specific message from my grandma around a letter I had found in her home after she passed. This letter is so deeply personal, I’ve never told anyone of its existence or impact on me. The guidance and clarity received from spirit were profoundly insightful and gave me the strength to finally take action as an active participant of my life rather than continuing on the reactive road I had been on till then.

Having this beautiful moment of tapping into the universe reaffirmed my trust and commitment to this spiritual journey I embarked on with Jaime. If you are ready to have faith and trust that we have everything we need to achieve all we could ever imagine or better, then look no further than working with Jaime.